Heartbeat Bill Author Is So F*cking Extreme Even The Craziest RWNJs Don’t Want Her

Ohio passed one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country. It is at Governor John Kasich’s desk right now. If passed, it will ban all abortions once the fetuses’ heartbeat is detected, which happens 4-6 weeks after conception.

The woman who wrote this ridiculous bill, Janet Porter, has been trying to get this passed for five years.

She used to have a radio show, then she got kicked off of the Christian host network. She is advocating for “dominion theology,” which is the idea of making America a Christian nation.

She also thinks natural disasters are caused by social progress, which she doesn’t like, and that Christians are being targeted by the “gay agenda.”

As an atheist, I would like to say fuck that. Our Founding Fathers came here to escape an oppressive religious country. Our First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees our freedom of religion.

The heartbeat bill is too extreme, and trying to make us a Christian nation is too extreme to get into politics. Someone like this should not be influencing our laws.

She is entitled to her beliefs, but they don’t fit in with our secular laws. Stick with the Christian radio, Ms Porter.

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