Guns N Roses Beat The Sh*t Out Of Trump, Joining The F*ck Trump Chorus

What happens when one of the wildest rock bands in hair metal history reunites (sort of) for a world tour, right about the time that an arrogant ogre is elected (again, sort of) president? They take to the stage with a bigass piñata shaped like Donald J. Trump himself and let their fans beat the living shit out of it.

Frontman Axl Rose reportedly invited fans onstage with the band and the piñata during a recent show in Mexico City:

“Let’s bring up some people and give them a fucking stick. Express yourselves however you feel.”

Fans were happy to oblige, taking out their frustration with the xenophobic President-elect in a way that had to feel really fucking therapeutic.

Gn’R aren’t the only musicians speaking out about their distaste for the washed-up reality TV star. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day let loose at the American Music Awards, taking inspiration from an old John Brown Anti-Klan Committee publication and chanting:

“No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Legendary songstress Cher has been famously and hilariously outspoken against Trump since early in his campaign.

Sweet little Hannah Montana shed her gee-whillikers sweetness when Miley Cyrus posted an angry rant against Trump on Instagram — complete with tear-streaked selfie, natch.

Jello Biafra reworked the Dead Kennedys classic Nazi Punks Fuck Off and has been singing Nazi Trumps Fuck Off instead, and in a pre-election interview, punk percussionist Mike Dillon made his feelings about Trump crystal clear:

“I don’t think highly of him. He’s a misogynistic pig, a racist bastard.”

Nailed it.

Featured image via YouTube user GunsNRosesChile.

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