GOP Empties Basket Of Deplorables For Worst Possible Replacement Of Sessions

The suspended Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, is on the short list to finish out Jeff Sessions’ term in the Senate.

Sessions has been nominated for Attorney General in the incoming Donald Trump administration (gag).

Roy Moore was actually suspended from his job as Chief Justice because he couldn’t follow the same-sex marriage ruling. He told county judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If he can’t follow the federal rulings, then he shouldn’t be in any kind of public office.

He basically spat on the separation of church and state when he said:

“They say God must be separated from life. As a Christian, God can’t be separate from life. God has everything to do with law.”

Moore is one of ten candidates who was interviewed for Sessions’ position. This is the same bigoted asshole who put a ridiculous “Ten Commandments” monument at the Alabama capitol.

He just seems determined to completely shit on the separation of church and state. He doesn’t care about the rights of anyone who is not Christian. Yes, Alabama is a red state, but this guy is WAY too extreme.

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