Fox News Doctor: Americans Will Be So Happy Under Trump, Suicide Rates Will Drop

The stupidity of Faux News shows itself yet again. Host Jenna Lee read this from a Wall Street Journal piece:

“… Rising death rates in white, middle-aged Americans driven largely by increases in death from suicide, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, and chronic liver disease.”

Her guest, Dr Kevin Campbell, was discussing healthcare. He said:

“We have to give our kids hope again, and I’m hoping with the new administration we can do that. Make people feel good about what’s going on, support our children, support our seniors, make sure everyone feels like they got a fighting chance.”

He thinks that President-elect Donald Trump will make Americans happy and lower suicide rates. However, many suicide hotlines experienced an increase in calls in the 24 hours following the election.

People in minority groups are worried about losing their rights. The LGBT community could lose their right to marry. Women could have their reproductive rights taken away. Hispanic people are worried about being deported. He wants to create a registry of Muslims.

This is not the way to create a happy country. Dr Campbell is an idiot. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote; we are not happy right now.

If the Faux News hosts could chip in some brain cells, they could figure that out for themselves.

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