Fox Business Dillhole Says Michelle Obama Should ‘Just Smile And Be Helpful To Melania’

Once again we are faced with the shallow and incredibly ignorant comments from one of the slugs employed by Rupert Murdoch over at Fox Business. This one’s name is Morgan Ortagus, and the fact that you’ve probably never heard of her tells you just what a spectacular failure she is at her so-called “job.”

Seems Ortagus was highly offended by remarks the First Lady made last week to Oprah Winfrey about “feeling what not having hope feels like” in light of Don the Con Man Trump being elected President. To that, Ortagus sniped:

“You didn’t hear Laura Bush saying anything eight years ago. She was gracious, she was classy, she was warm and welcoming to the new first family. And I think that Ms. Obama needs to take a cue from Laura Bush and probably just smile and be helpful to Melania Trump.”

How should the First Lady be helpful to Melania Trump? Should she arrange some more nude photo shoots for her, or just leave the text of a speech lying around so Melania can plagiarize it, too? Or perhaps she could send a Christmas gift of the Rosetta Stone English version until Melania manages to master the language of this country.

Ortagus then concluded by commenting:

“If I were in her position, I would think she should be helping the incoming first lady, the incoming administration. It’s a huge transition for the first family. Melania Trump has a young son, she had young children. Let’s focus on the positive and help the new first family transition.”

We won’t ever have to worry about you being First Lady of the United States, Ms. Ortagus. Once this country has its fill of both Trump and his wife, there’s little chance a Fox Business hack like you will even be able to find work.

Image via Fox Business.

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