F*ck You Trump – You’re Not My President AKA 3 Reasons Why Hillary DIdn’t Win

This blog on The Huffington Post perfectly sums up the factors that led to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. I’m sure we are all still fuming over the results. Here are some of the things that made me the angriest:

The Woman Card

Clinton was the first woman to win the nomination from a major party. Those of us who are liberal and/or feminists loved it. Many people did not.

Trump supporters kept whining, “Lock Her Up,” because of that email controversy.

Fake News Stories

We have an epidemic of fake news on the internet today. These conspiracy theory stories were taken seriously by many people. Some of the ridiculous lies about her were:

  • She’s got Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis and is covering it up.
  • She has a body double, whom she trots out when she is too ill to appear in public
  • She murdered a Democratic National Committee staffer, among many others
  • She exchanged “signals” with Lester Holt from the debate stage.
  • She runs a child pedophilia ring out of pizza parlor in D.C.

James Comey

The FBI director who decided not to charge Clinton over her emails gave us the most ridiculous “November Surprise.” He issued a notice that he was re-opening her email case just 11 days before the election.

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