F*ck You And Your Excuses KKK – You Really ARE Racist D**kwads

We have heard a lot about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) during this election season. They endorsed the now President-elect Donald Trump early on in his campaign, but I guess his supporters didn’t give a shit. They even wrote about Trump in their newspaper, The Crusader, in November.

Now, they are saying that they aren’t “white supremacists.” One of their members said:

“We’re not white supremacists. We believe in our race.”

How fucking stupid do they think we are? If you think white people are better than everyone else, guess what? You’re a white supremacist.

Another member said:

“We are white separatists, just as Yahweh in the Bible told us to be. Separate yourself from other nations. Do not intermix and mongrelize your seed.”

They’re just splitting hairs, really. These hooded fuckers also love to spread their racist propaganda. In Alabama and other Southern states, they love leaving flyers in people’s yards. Sometimes, they even include candy.

They are also anti-Muslim as well as racist:

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