‘Fat Cow’ Iskra Lawrence Sends A Powerful F**k You To Fat Shaming Commentators

Say hello to the beautiful Iskra Lawrence, a model for Aerie. They feature ads that don’t have any retouching.

She has gotten many body shaming comments including one with someone calling her a “fat cow.” She took to her Instagram account to shut down all of the haters. She posted an AMAZING picture of herself laying on a bed of junk food.

Image via Iskra Lawrence Instagram.

As someone who has been many different sizes, I have been body shamed before. The fact that this woman is considered “plus size” shows how f**ked the fashion industry is. This woman has a healthy, fit body.

We need to stop shaming each other for our bodies, especially women. Ladies, we should be supportive of each other. This is a perfect message to send to all of the haters out there. Real women can be any size. Adults who are old enough to be online by themselves shouldn’t bully like this, but they do anyway.

Featured image via Instagram post

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