Fake News King Hannity Says Russian Hacking Story Is ‘Fake News’

Sean Hannity is a putrid piece of foul, malodorous excrement that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe when you walk through a pig sty. He is a liar, a fraud, and loves to traffic in false news. He may well be the king of false news.

So it’s more than a bit galling to see this twat waffle of a human being describe the hacking of the 2016 presidential election by the Russians in the following terms:

“I’m just assuming this is another liberal media fake news story that they’re all falling for, and it’s politically motivated, as evidenced by their lack of concern about…hacking and cybersecurity over the years.”

When has the media not been concerned about cybersecurity, Sean? Let’s have some specific examples or else all you’re doing is stacking yet another gargantuan lie atop the Mount Everest of fakery you’ve built over your so-called career.

And while we’re on the topic of a hack, it should be said that Sean Hannity is the ultimate sell-out hack who would pawn the souls of his children for a few ratings points. There’s despicable and repugnant, and then there’s Hannity.

Listen to Hannity on his radio show if you aren’t afraid of puking up your last meal:

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