Everyone Will Get A Gun In Indiana – Including Murderers, Rapists, And Other Violent Felons

Of course, it’s Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s state. Indiana legislators are trying to push a bill that will get rid of the requirement to get a license to carry a gun. They tried to pass this earlier in 2016, but it didn’t fly. Now, that they have Republican rule in Congress, they must be feeling more confident about it.

These RWNJs see having a license for a gun to be a violation of their Constitutional right to bear arms. These are machines that can kill people. There should be a test and a license required to use them. People wanting to have guns should get training for them.

An op-ed in the Evansville Courier & Press. said:

“Requiring gun owners to pass a background check — one that screens for felony or domestic violence convictions, drug and alcohol convictions and mental incompetence — is a reasonable step before allowing weapons to be carried into a wide variety of public places. The push to repeal such a commonsense law should gain no traction in the Statehouse.”

Unfortunately, the Republicans are moving the wrong way on gun control laws. It may get worse with a Trump presidency.

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