Even The F**king Force Is Behind Michelle Obama

Padme Amidala, or at least the actress who played Padme in the Star Wars movies, Natalie Portman, has said she would absolutely cast her vote for First Lady Michelle Obama if she were to run for president.

During Portman’s screening for her new movie, Jackie, where she plays the pivotal role of Jackie Kennedy before and after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, told reporters she would vote for Michelle Obama “in a second.” Padme told PJ Media:

“Michelle Obama, I think, is maybe every American’s hero. I can’t imagine someone we could look up to more. But I mean, of course, I’d vote for her in a second, but I somehow doubt she’s going to be running for office.”

Portman was a huge supporter of former Secretary Hillary Clinton and isn’t shy to let us know that she feels Obama would be the best damn woman for the job, however she isn’t sure if Clinton should try again in 2020. Portman stated:

“I am very impressed with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and I think she did a great job promoting women’s leadership and promoting just, I think, a great passion for service that’s she’s committed her whole life to – but I don’t know. I think we have to pay close attention to everything that is going on and take it step by step.”

Portman isn’t the only one who thinks that Michelle should rock the White House; several political action committees have been encouraging Michelle Obama to run as well.

Whatever Michelle Obama decides to do, and fucking nerdy or not, she can rest easy now knowing the Force is with her.

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