Dumba*s Trumpkin Has To Be Schooled On How Government Works (VIDEO)

Sorry this has to be said, but it’s so damn obvious that it seems necessary: The people who support Donald Trump are dumber than a bag of hammers.

Take for example the ditzy Kayleigh McEnany, who frequently appears on CNN. Thursday night she tried to claim that President Obama and Hillary Clinton once tried to make friends with Russia and their murderous leader, Vladimir Putin, but now they’re angry with the Russians.

It fell upon former Obama advisor Van Jones to explain just how government and diplomacy works to the totally dumb and dumbfounded Trumpkin, informing her:

“There was a time when the bigger threat [to the United States] was from Iran and the concern that Iran was going to get nuclear weapons. So Hillary Clinton, in her brilliance, was able to pull together both the Chinese, not our friends everyday, and the Russians, not our friends any day, in an alliance to deal with Iran. You have to pick.”

The look on McEnany’s face as Jones spoke is reminiscent of the way a dog will look at you when you say or do something they don’t understand. Difference being that a dog is loyal and wonderful, whereas a Trumpkin is just annoying and never learns a damn thing.

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