Dumba**es Think Sandy Hook Was A Government Conspiracy

There are a lot of fucking stupid people out there, but this is blowing my mind! Four years ago, 20 school children and 6 brave teachers lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary. There are people who actually think that this horrific shooting was a hoax. They believe that the massacre was staged by the government.

The father of one of the victims has been fighting against these idiots for the last four years. Lenny Pozner lost his six-year-old son, Noah, on that horrific day four years ago. Pozner has been dealing with these hoaxers ever since the shooting.

He still posts pictures of his son. He even posted his son’s birth and death certificate online to try and disprove the hoaxers.

The state officials investigating the massacre got phone calls from these people with questions. A Virginia man actually stole signs memorializing two of the victims.

Pozner even tried to join a group of hoaxers and convince them that the shooting was real.  Pozner said:

“There was a segment of the population that wanted to have these things debunked. All they know is what they’re seeing online, the buzz of all of this dis­information, and someone needed to provide the service of offering accurate information should they want it.”

Pozner tried to get in touch with one of the leaders of the hoaxer movement, Wolfgang Halbig, but he got shot down. Someone actually told Mr Pozner that he should exhume his son’s body and prove to the world that his child is dead.

Are you fucking kidding me?! How could anyone think this was a hoax? People died.

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