Dumba** Fox News Host: People Without Health Insurance Can Just Go To The ER

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010, Republicans have been trying to get rid of it. Now, that we have Republican President-elect Donald Trump, the Republicans just can’t wait to get rid of Obamacare. I guess they don’t care about the 20 million people who will lose their health coverage.

One Fox News host, in particular, Eric Bolling, is just fine with this scenario because “they have emergency rooms.”

He said:

“They’re not on the street. You still have Medicare and Medicaid. So that’s always going to be there. And you have emergency rooms which we had before. Until another plan is floated, that’s acceptable.”

There is one problem with that, Mr Bolling. Republicans want to take away Medicare and Medicaid.

As the Huffington Post reported:

“The goal with Medicaid is to turn the program almost entirely over to the states, but with less money to run it. The goal with Medicare is to convert it from a government-run insurance program into a voucher system ― while, once again, reducing the money that goes into the program.”

So, Republicans are trying to get rid of medical care for millions of people. The Emergency Room is no substitute for real medical care. Not only does it take forever to be seen, but it can cost outrageous amounts of money. I hope you people who voted for Trump are happy with yourselves.

Featured image via Twitter.

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