Drumpf Pandered – The Religious Right Sold Their Souls And Said ‘Yes My Lord And Master’

Our President-elect Donald Trump definitely tried to court the Religious Right during his campaign. Over 81 percent of the evangelical voters cast their vote for The Donald.

He made a big deal out of carrying a Bible to his rallies. I guess the evangelicals are just fine with his three marriages and six bankruptcies. Also, he hardly ever attends church, and he once said that he has never asked for forgiveness.

The Far Right Christians thought that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would take away their social values.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said this about Trump’s win:

“After eight years under the Obama administration, religious freedom has never been more endangered than it is today. Our nation has an opportunity over the next four years to make freedom mean something again.”

They think Trump will help them get into government. Trump knew that he would have to court them to win, so he formed his own 26-person “evangelical advisory board.”

He also promised to lift the ban on churches participating in politics. He also told them that he would appoint pro-life justices.

I hope these fundies are happy. He’s been walking back on his campaign promises, and he’s a pussy-grabbing sleazeball. Enjoy!

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