Douchey Donald Wants Proof The Russians Hacked The Election–Let’s Give Him Some

Donald Trump and the sycophants he calls his transition team remain unconvinced that Russia had a hand in turning the 2016 election in their favor. Just today Reince Priebus commented on Fox News:

“I think [Trump] would accept the conclusion if these intelligence professionals would get together, put out a report and show the American people they’re actually on the same page, as opposed to third parties through The Washington Post.”

If it’s proof they want, let’s start with some basics:

  • The Office of National Intelligence says the Russians released information via leaks to harm the Clinton campaign.
  • The CIA says Russia–and Vladimir Putin personally–interfered so Trump would win.
  • The FBI says the fingerprints of Russia are all over the 2016 race for the White House.

So let’s turn the tables a bit and ask the President-elect and his paid ass kissers to provide some tangible evidence the Russians weren’t involved in throwing the election to Putin’s BFF from New York. You guys got anything that can counter what has been said by the three agencies just listed? Anyone?

Didn’t think so. And here’s a suggestion for the agencies that will be briefing Trump once he takes the oath of office: Warn him of an impending threat from Dumbfuckistan and then sit back and laugh when he tries to figure out if its a joke or not. His fucking head will probably explode from confusion, and that’s certainly a good first step to making America great again.

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