Douchey Breeder Blogger: ‘Childfree Adults Shouldn’t Have Christmas Trees’

This asshole blogger seems to think that the entire Christmas season is only for children. He says that childfree adults just shouldn’t have Christmas trees in their homes:

“This is not an argument against gift-giving. If you’re an adult without kids and you’d like to give another adult a Christmas gift, hand it to them. Do not put that gift under a tree whose meaning is, roughly, ‘We bought this damned thing because that’s just what you’re supposed to do at Christmas, for the Christmas Spirit and whatever!’

Especially strange are childless adults who buy Christmas trees and then aren’t even in their own homes at Christmas, having days before left for their parents’ house, their grandparents’ house, their stepfather’s house, their ski chalet. The tree just sits there, its stump exposed due to a lack of presents, weeping sap and questioning its purpose in life. ‘Was I really chopped down for this?’ it thinks to itself in the dark. ‘To be some graphic designer dude’s ritualistic accoutrement for a month or so before becoming trash?’ What a sad life the Christmas tree has.”

What about childfree adults who enjoy Christmas? Are we not allowed to decorate our houses because we don’t have children. He’s implying that we only buy trees because that’s what we’re supposed to do at Christmas. I guess we’re not allowed to enjoy decorating. Are we not supposed to enjoy the season? That’s ridiculous.

Featured image via Twitter.

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