Cybersecurity Experts Agree: Trump Is Probably Putin’s Puppet

Earlier today, Donald Trump went on Twitter and posted this tidbit of nonsense:

Of course, as most of us recall, the issue DID come up before the election, during a debate, when Hillary Clinton accused Trump being Putin’s puppet, to which a visibly angered Trump replied:

“No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.”

But now experts on cybersecurity are saying all signs point to Trump being in Vladimir Putin’s back pocket. As James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies noted:

“No one expects Putin to burst into tears on national TV and confess. Ambiguity is normal in espionage, but there shouldn’t be any doubt.”

Now allow me a second to address the Trump minions in the audience who say, So what? Who cares if Putin did help him get elected? Well, that could have some consequences you may not haven’t considered. For example:

  • Russia produces a lot of oil. They want top dollar for it and might demand the United States purchase the bulk of its oil from them. That would drive up the price, leaving the average driver paying $4-5 a gallon, or even more.
  • Russia hates NATO. They would love to see an American leader deliberately weaken NATO and leave all of Europe undefended. Not a big deal? Not until it crashes the American economy.
  • Russian hackers could be allowed unfettered access to American computer networks, meaning they would then be able to get ahold of your medical and financial information. Recently diagnosed with herpes? Don’t want everyone to know? They will. Or, perhaps yesterday you had $2,000 in your checking account. Overnight, someone takes $1,900 and leaves you no way to pay your mortgage or buy food. Still a fan of Trump?

If it can be proven that Trump was a party to any of this, or knows about it now and is lying, he would be guilty of treason. Do you want a traitor in control of our military?

So, Trumpkins, how ya feeling right about now? I sense a lot of angst coursing through your body at the moment.

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