Creationists Go Into Attack Mode When Cincinnati Zoo Reminds Us About Evolution

The zoo in Cincinatti, Ohio, posted a great picture of a Bonobo monkey on their Facebook page. The caption for the picture said:

“Sharing more than 98% of its DNA with humans, the bonobo is our closest living relative.”

The creationists came out in full force to comment on the post. A couple of other commenters posted articles related to evolution and the science behind that posting.

Some of the creationists left interesting comments in there:

“Sorry not my relative…”

“[I believe it’s an ape, not a monkey, but I’m there with you.] I don’t care what it is. I did not come from them.”

The zoo is doing a great job keeping the ugly comments out of the thread. If you go there, now, you can only see people who are praising the zoo and this picture.

Creationists can’t stand to have something contradict their Bible story. They had to turn a nice, sweet picture into a debate on the science of evolution.

Featured image via Twitter

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