Crazy Christian Parents Cut The Cl*t Off Their 3-Year-Old To Punish Her

This woman, Dr Renee Bergstrom, is a survivor of female genital mutilation. Her Christian parents had her clitoris removed at the age of three. Her parents thought she was masturbating. In her essay for The Guardian, she said:

“In 1947, when I was just three years old a doctor removed my clitoris. Female genital mutilation is mostly associated with African cultures, and non-Christian religions, but my FGM happened in white, midwest America. It took place in a church clinic that used a scalpel on girls who masturbated.

“I remember the excruciating pain and feeling betrayed. I was told not to talk about it, but keeping the secret meant I was alone with my questions as I grew into puberty: what was missing? What would it be like to be ‘whole’?”

This is a horrifying practice. It is now illegal in the United States, but there are millions of women who have survived it. I don’t know what crazy Christian doctor would do that? She was not masturbating at three years old!

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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