Conspiracy Nut Alex Jones Just Pissed Off A Legion Of Star Wars Nerds

Alex Jones is one of those RWNJs who can make our liberal blood boil. Today, while the world is mourning the death of beloved actress and author, Carrie Fisher, he is spouting that she was murdered.

She had a heart attack while travelling on a plane. Jones is saying that she might have been murdered in a plot to make more money off of her most recent book release. He thinks that she might have been murdered by a “star killer.”

Jones said:

“I’m not gonna kick off a conspiracy theory here, but you hear about star killers and different stars that say ‘as soon as you’re not big, as soon as you’re name isn’t as big, as soon as you’re not making the money. Look out when a big movie comes out you, or a big book, if you die though it will make it incredibly valuable.'”

First, Carrie has always been big. She was also an advocate for mental illness as well. She was beloved by Star Wars fans everywhere. Jones is going to make his own money being an asshole conspiracy nut.

She just died, you insensitive prick! Jones, you need to put on your tinfoil hat and keep your bullshit away from the rest of us.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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