Clueless Right-Wing Douchenozzles Call Us ‘Babies’ For Being Inclusive

After the President-elect Donald Trump was declared the winner, many of us have started and are still grieving. Those of us in any kind of minority are scared for our rights and our lives.

A movement started to spread the message that we should all keep fighting for diversity and inclusion. The idea is that someone wearing a safety pin is a “safe” person to talk to. We will not judge you or hate you.

New York Magazine reported:

“As stories of post-election violence and hate speech circulate online, some people have begun wearing safety pins to identify themselves as allies in the fight against intolerance, and to show solidarity with women, LGBT people, immigrants, and people of color feeling frightened by Trump’s presidency and the vitriol that some of his supporters display. The safety pin was adopted in England after the Brexit vote, as immigrants and people of color found themselves increasingly subject to racist attacks, serving as a visual symbol indicating that the wearer supports tolerance and stands in solidarity with marginalized groups.”

Conservatives are using this to call us “babies.” We are not being inclusive, we are saying that we need “coddling,” and we are “whining.” If fighting hate crimes and discrimination makes me a whiner and a “baby,” then hand me a pacifier. I want my LGBTQ friends to be able to get married and have completely equal rights. I want EVERY woman to have access to the care they need. I want EVERY person in this country to be able to get health insurance. I want to keep this country from being turned into a theocracy. I guess I’m a bleeding heart baby, then.

Featured image via Twitter.

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