Clinton Aides Are F**king Ruthless And The Republicans Just Realized It

This election season was insane, and for Hillary supporters, this shit is not even close to being over. Maybe when the conservatives say we are bad losers, they are right, but maybe, just maybe, that could be because we don’t like the idea of getting kidnapped, held at gunpoint, finger-banged, and harassed every day for the next four years.

Though I am sure Mrs. Clinton is grieving the loss with her family and friends, her top aides are ripping off the pantsuits and dawning war gear as they plan their insurgent tactics against The Donald.

Typically, as I watch political discussions, I roll my eyes when someone begins to act childish and erratic but not this time. At an interview in Cambridge with Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, the conversation resembled more of a Jerry Springer Show than a political debate.

You couldn’t even really make out what was being said, but I did hear “white supremacy,” and a bunch of angry shouting while Conway sat smugly in her chair and tried to defend her idiot President-elect.

It was actually really beautiful, and a tear ran down my cheek as I watched my fellow liberals lose complete fucking control of themselves and stand up against the orange douchecanoe.

Just watch:

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