BURN All The Books! Its Not Like Kids Learn Racism Or Sex Online Or Anything – Oh, Right…

I thought this problem was a thing of the past, but I guess it’s still going on. Many parents are calling for banning classic books. These are books that have been English class staples for decades.

Why are they all of a sudden bad…again? I guess some butt-hurt helicopter parents looked at what their kids were reading and decided they didn’t like it.

What’s next? Are we going back to book burnings? It’s fiction, people! Banning them will just make your kids more curious about them. That’s the problem with censorship, it just points out the bad words or bad books or whatever you are censoring. The American Library Association keeps a list of them.

Recently, school officials in Virginia have yanked To Kill A Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn off of the shelves. I thought we were done debating these?

We all know these books have racial slurs. One child was offended by those, so they get pulled? These books were written in a different time when those words were acceptable. Slang terms evolve over the years. Get over it! Eventually, some terms we use now will be considered bad.

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