B*tchy Mom Goes On Racist Tirade Over Biracial Daughter’s ‘Ugly’ Black Hair

When Nick Harris sent his ex a picture of their young daughter’s new hairstyle, he just wanted to show her how cute the little girl looked. Little Izzy’s hair was styled in cornrows, pulled up into a jaunty ponytail with pink beads on the end. But her mom, identified only as “Sam,” was not pleased with the look:

“I am so pissed off… She looks black and she’s not!”

Photo: Nick Harris via Facebook

Harris was confused by Sam’s comments, and for good reason:

“But she is black? Unless I’m mistaken and I’m not her father?”

That’s right: Sam and Nick are the parents of a biracial child, but Sam seems straight up disgusted by the non-white side of her own daughter. Her text messages got nastier and nastier, until she finally got so upset she wanted to resort to violence:

“…My kid is more white in my eye not fully black so she don’t need that ugly hairstyles”

“…Go ahead treat her like a black kid and I’ll treat her how I want. U stupid”

“I would love to slap u”

And then any hope Sam had for not coming off like a total hood-wearing, cross-burning, racist asshole went right down the drain when she said this:

“Nick I don’t gotta embrace that side of her. This isn’t history class.”

Photo: Nick Harris via Facebook

What the fuck, Sam?

No, it isn’t history class. It’s real life, and Sam is teaching her poor kid that half of her is ugly. Forget the history classes; it looks like Sam could benefit from some hardcore parenting classes instead, before she turns her daughter’s self-esteem to total shit. You can read the entire ugly exchange on Harris’ Facebook page.

Featured Image: Nick Harris via Facebook

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