BREAKING: Welcome To Donald Trump’s New Amerikka – Now Bend Over For Putin

It’s official! Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, and he will be the next President of the United States. I guess the letters and the protests didn’t work. We tried to get electors to defect, but that didn’t happen. Of course, many of the states have laws saying the candidate who wins the popular vote gets all of the electoral votes for the state.

Four electors tried to vote for Bernie Sanders. That is just fucking ridiculous! Now, we will all be punished with a Trump presidency. Let’s hope we can find a way to impeach him. He’s done enough stupid crap for that.

I’m sure Vladimir Putin is overjoyed. He can continue to cultivate his treasonous bromance with our orange fuckwad of a president. Also, Trump’s cabinet picks are scary. As my favorite author put it, they are all “plunder monkeys.”

His supporters are going to be pissed when Trump goes back on all of those promises he made. He is already walking some of them back. Those Clinton emails don’t sound so bad now, do they?

Featured image via Twitter.

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