BOOM! The Weather Channel Just Put Breitbart On Notice For Denying Climate Change Exists

As the moronic alr-right, Hitler-worshiping nimrods who control the website Breitbart found out today, karma can be one nasty son of a bitch when it catches up with you.

You see, the writers and editors at Breitbart, like nearly every conservative in this country, are fond of saying climate change is just a big hoax. But it finally caught up with them today when Kait Parker of the Weather Channel called them out on air, announcing:

“They used a completely unrelated video about La Nina — with my face in it — to attempt to back [up] their point.”

Parker then destroyed Breitbart with a point-by-point takedown of their ignorance and refusal to accept proven science.

One claim Parker picked apart is Breitbart’s assertion that global temperatures have “plummeted” by 1 degree Celsius this year. Parker noted that the lie was based on:

“One satellite-based estimate of temperatures above land areas in the lower atmosphere.”

Bravo to Kait Parker for being willing to call out the right-wing nuthatches for their lies.

Attention, Breitbart assholes: You’re only fooling your poorly educated readers. And even they’re beginning to have doubts.

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