Blind Juror A**Raped Lady Justice With No Vaseline In Walter Scott Mistrial

If there were any lingering doubts in your head that our justice system is fair and actually works, disavow yourself of them right now.

Because today, one holdout racist juror decided that when Officer Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back five times, while Scott was moving away from Slager, and then planted evidence at Scott’s body … nope, not murder.


The video SHOWED Slager shooting Scott in the back. The video SHOWED Slager planting a taser at Scott’s body.

But one single juror said:

 “I understand the position of the court, but I cannot with good conscience consider a guilty verdict.”

Apparently, to this juror, a Black man who is 17 feet away, running in the other direction, is so goddamn threatening that lethal force is justified. Oh, and so is planting evidence, for shits and gigs, right?

Slager’s testimony ran completely counter to what the video showed, but something led this one lone juror to dig in their heels.

And so we have a mistrial, and Slager will be retried in front of a new panel of jurors. Slager’s trial was, in and of itself, an anomaly; most cops who kill Black men are never charged.

Of course, given the video, I have to wonder … who the hell paid off this juror? This case should have been cut and dry. And they could have even brought it down to manslaughter.

But no.

This fucking murderer gets a mistrial. Why? Because Michael Scott was Black.

And Black lives don’t fucking matter.

Featured Image via screengrab from YouTube

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