Bill O’Reilly Takes One In The A** To Lead The Way On Trump’s Bullsh*t War On Christmas – Again

It’s that time of year. The temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are coming. One holiday tradition is the so-called “war on Christmas.” Every year, religious extremists claim that they are being persecuted because some people don’t say “Merry Christmas.” When did “Happy Holidays” become a sin?

Naturally, Faux News is getting involved in the controversy. Bill O’Reilly said that since “we won” everyone will have to say “Merry Christmas” or get deported. He said it in a joking manner, but the immigrants worried about deportation may not find it funny.

O’Reilly ripped out the intolerant extremism and disregard of people without religions and said:

“Since the War on Christmas has basically been won. This is a cleanup operation. But the information is valid. Many Americans celebrate Christmas because they believe that Jesus is the savior and his birth should be honored. And because it’s a federal holiday, there is no reason to diminish Christmas or insult those who believe in it. Don’t like Christmas? Ignore it.”

Sorry, Mr. O’Reilly, not everyone in this country is a Christian. The war on Christmas doesn’t exist. People say “Happy Holidays” because there are OTHER HOLIDAYS happening this time of year. I wouldn’t expect Fake News to acknowledge that fact.

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