Bat Sh*t Crazy Trump Fans Still Believe Clinton Sex Conspiracy

There were a lot of RWNJs spreading conspiracy theories all over the place during this past election year. It’s fitting considering Trump is the one responsible for the “birther movement.” He was spreading the lie that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

An Economist/YouGov poll found that 46 percent of Trump voters believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails talked about pedophilia and human trafficking.

This scandal became known as “pizzagate.” The theory was that the Clinton campaign ran a child-sex ring out of the back room of a pizza shop.

This goes right along with the conspiracy theory that Russia was responsible for hacking the emails from the Democratic National Committee. A full 87-percent of Clinton voters say that the Russians did this to swing the election towards Donald Trump. Among Trump voters, 80 percent disagree with that theory.

Belief in conspiracy theories can greatly influence a person’s political leanings. Trump and his ilk have been creating these kinds of conspiracy theories during this entire election year. This is the same guy who said Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama founded ISIS.

Featured image via Twitter.

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