As*hat GOP Congressman Wants Trump To Roll Back Protections Against Campus Rape

Chances are pretty good that you’ve never heard of North Carolina GOP Congressman Mark Meadows. He recently wrote Donald Trump and carefully enumerated 300 rules or regulations he wants Trump to strike down in his first 100 days in office.

Granted, Republicans calling for less government regulation is nothing new, but as was reported in USA Today, here’s one of the things Meadows wants repealed:

“One new entry is an April 2011 guidance document from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights setting out standards for how universities should handle sexual harassment and sexual violence complaints.

“Meadows’ updated report says the guidance ‘has pressured colleges to spend hundreds of millions of dollars and to create vast campus bureaucracies’ to investigate sexual assault and date rape — ‘the incidence of which may be overstated.’ The guidance ‘virtually dictates one-size-fits-all procedures which provide less protection to the accused and denies the rights of the often-innocent accused.'”

Ah yes, how horrible it would be if one person was accidentally accused of rape. Seems the only want to make sure that never happens is to make it easier for someone to rape a student and get away with it.

Once again we see the GOP’s War on Women in action. Wonder how Congressman Meadows would feel about the issue if his daughter was one of those who had been raped. My bet is that he’d be advocating for the death penalty and even wanting to kill the perpetrator himself.

Congressman Meadows, you’re a moron and a hypocrite. No wonder you decided to join the Republican Party.

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