Another Traitor! New Natl. Security Council Nominee Asked Putin To Hack Clinton, Too!

If you’ve ever seen Monica Crowley on Fox News, then you know she is a pathetic excuse of a human being and completely talentless except for the area of being a professional shithead, which she most certainly excels out.

On Thursday, Donald Trump named Crowley to be a member of the National Security Council, a position for which she is eminently unqualified.

Turns out Ms. Crowley is also a freaking traitor who tweeted out this earlier in 2016:

Looks like Crowley is gonna fit right in with the other Putin stooges in the Trump Administration, not the least of which is the President-elect himself, who owes full allegiance to the Russian President/terrorist/thug/tyrant.

So after January 20, when you wonder what direction American foreign policy is going in, you can bet it’ll be whatever one Vladmir has chosen for his newly installed White House puppets.

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