Ammosexual Conservative Lets Teen Hold Gun, Winds Up Six Feet Under

M.D. Harmon is an ultraconservative gun loving nutbag who has spent much of his life defending the absolute right of every American to own a firearm.

And now Harmon is dead as a doornail as the result of a gun.

Harmon was proudly showing off his gun collection to a 16-year-old boy, let the boy handle one of the weapons, and was no doubt more than a tad surprised when that same gun went off and transformed him into a corpse.

But before you feel too bad for what happened to Harmon, consider what he wrote when the state of Maine was considering a bill which would have required gun owners to take a firearm safety course:

“So much for ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms.’ It’s one thing to have the government create limited groups of people not entitled to own firearms for good reasons — felons, the insane, children, etc. — and quite another to have the government think it can require that a free people get official permits to exercise their rights!”

If Harmon were still alive, do you suppose he would see the incredible irony in what he wrote? Or would he still be handing loaded guns to children and thinking, What could possibly go wrong?

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