Alec Baldwin Just Gave A Big Middle Finger Salute To Dic*head Donnie

Poor Donnie Con Man. Seems he can’t get any big stars to agree to an appearance at his inauguration. So far he has the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Rockettes (and some of them have also said hell no), and perhaps no-talent hacks such as Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

But fear not, Mr. President-defective. Alec Baldwin says he’ll be glad to make an appearance, but on one condition: He gets to choose the song.

The song Alec insists on singing? The AC/DC classic “Highway to Hell,” which is exactly where this country is headed with a dickhead like Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

So what say you, Donnie? Do you accept, or will you just spend the evening of the inaugural ball having Skype sex with Vladimir Putin?

Featured Image Via NBC Screengrab

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