A Lesson In Parenting: Mind Your F*cking Business – At Least This Mom Loves Her Kid

Taking to social media, proud mom Hillary Duff posted a picture of her and her son Luca kissing on the lips to her Instagram account.

What happened next is quite shocking to say the least.

This public display of affection outraged parents and not-parents alike, and especially the hypocritical Religious Right.

Oh The Horror!

How wrong it is of her to love her son! How dare she have the balls to treat her child with love and respect. To be proud of the fact that she is a loving mom doting on her loving son.

The Religious Right constantly harps on parents, saying we don’t love our children enough. That we don’t spend enough time with them. That we have to shield them from real life.

It’s pretty surprising then that when Duff posted the picture – just like almost every parent does with their little ones – the religious right and non-parents jumped down this woman’s throat, spewing a bunch of nasty words at her and her son.

Look At The Nastiness For Yourself:

Quick! Find a cop! Arrest the pedophile!

On second thought…

Way to show a child how to grow up and act you assholes. Mind your own fucking business.

Duff’s response put it best:

As a mom, I still kiss my daughter – and she’s 20. Get over yourselves. Especially those of you without children who dare to pretend you know better.

And those of you with kids, well, you’re a special kind of stupid. What do you really see going on in this picture? A mom getting ready to molest her child?

Grow the fuck up.

You know… Often, when someone accuses someone else of doing anything wrong, it’s usually because that someone is doing it themselves.

I Have To Ask

What are you doing to your own kids that you’d accuse Duff of acting improperly with her own child? What are you hiding?

Do me a favor…

How about this: Instead of bashing Duff for the way she expresses her love for her son – whom by the way is an intelligent, bright little boy, and well-adjusted to boot – why don’t you go arrest a real pedophile?

You know… Like President-Elect Cheeto Trump, who not only admitted to grabbing a woman’s pussy because he knew he’d get away with it, but who is also accused of raping multiple minor teen girls. Oh yeah, and his ex-wife Ivanka.

I highly suggest that you all get off of your high horse and try to think rationally for a change. If it’s OK that Trump can rape and assault women, it certainly must be OK for a mom to kiss her son, right?

Featured Image: Hillary Duff Via Instagram

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