Yes, It Matters That Trump Is Shi**ing On The First Amendment

Mango Mussolini sent out another insane tweet on Tuesday morning, which had the media (and every thinking person) reeling.

In case you’ve been napping or playing MGSV all day or something, he said:

Now, there seem to be two camps when it comes to Trump tweets. One says that such things are a distraction from the “real issues,” like the conflicts of interest with his businesses, or his cabinet of horrors, or his $25 million settlement in the Trump University case, or the fact that he completely denies that climate change is real, or that his vice president is one of the worst human beings ever to walk the earth, and so on, and so on.

Then there is the camp I’m in, which is that yes, his tweets matter. All those things are real issues, absolutely. But the fact remains that he is the goddamned President-elect of the United States. He just happens to use Twitter as his bully pulpit instead of holding press conferences all the time. If he said in a press conference what he said in that tweet this morning, would it then not be a “distraction,” but rather something important?

The venue doesn’t matter. The delivery system doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is that every day, this man is moving us closer and closer to fascism. This is not a fucking drill. This is the real thing.

We need to focus on EVERYTHING he says now. We can’t be all “why talk about THAT when THIS matters so much?”


What he says matters, as much as we all wish it didn’t. The entire world is watching, folks. He needs to be called out for all of this.


Featured Image: DonkeyHotey via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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