WTF?! Even Doctors Are Trying To Screw With Our Bodily Autonomy!

Many of us who have decided to not have children are greeted with annoying comments. “You’re too young.” “You’ll change your mind.”

They imply that your life isn’t complete until you pop out a baby. This attitude is so widespread that many doctors don’t want to provide sterilization services for women.

I managed to get it done for myself, but only because I have endometriosis. That was how I was able to get rid of my uterus. If I hadn’t had the other health problem, I may not have been able to get my surgery.

Many young women are not so lucky. One 20-year-old girl had a doctor call her parents illegally after the girl wanted to talk about sterilization. She was over 18 and perfectly able to decide for herself and to get the procedure she wanted.

Some women have to go see multiple doctors to find one who would do it. If I am old enough to have a kid or multiple kids, then I am old enough to decide to never have children.

Here is a story of a woman in the UK who had to fight for four years to get sterilized:

Featured image via Twitter.

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