Idiot Ben Carson Doesn’t Even Realize Steve Bannon Hates Him

Did he really just say that? Ben Carson was talking about a soon-to-be White House staff member, Steve Bannon. Bannon runs an alt-right news site called Breitbart. They routinely have very bigoted material on there.

Welp… Ben Carson either never read the website or he is in total denial.

The people at Breitbart believe that political correctness is a threat to their freedoms, so they see these nasty articles as an expression of their freedom.

They hate on all minorities equally. Check out some of their headlines:

Carson said:

“I’ve been to his home. He’s a very gracious host. I have found nothing hateful or white supremacist in anything that he’s ever done.”

As far as the racist Trump supporters, Carson said:

“I don’t think the president-elect can be held responsible for who supports him. I didn’t see anybody blaming President Obama when the Black Panthers were doing things. I just don’t understand why we have to take anybody who supports someone and make them try to defend that person.”

Just a quick look on and you will find plenty of racist and/or hateful headlines. Get your head out of the sand, Dr Carson. Of course, Carson is the guy who thinks the Egyptian pyramids were built for grain storage….Just sayin’

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