Whole New Level Of RWNJ – Jesus’ Disciples Were ‘All Donald Trumps’

Yes, you read that correctly. Televangelist Rick Joyner actually compared President-elect Donald Trump to Jesus’ disciples.

I’m not religious, but that seems a bit nutty. Joyner said:

“I think if you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump. Every one of them were Donald Trumps.”

Joyner said that Trump is honest, and he said Trump once cried about having to deport immigrants. I’m going to be that those were crocodile tears, Mr Joyner. Trump was probably scamming him.

I wasn’t there in that office, but something tells me Trump was lying his ass off. He just wanted to appeal to the Evangelical RWNJs to get their votes. There are a lot of religious Republicans out there.

As the New York Daily News reported:

“Almost all of the Apostles were also Jewish, though Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon has been praised by white nationalists and accused of not wanting his daughters to go to schools with Jewish students.

“Though many evangelicals refused or were slow to support Trump’s presidential campaign, Joyner has made it part of his mission to preach the gospel of Donald.”

Look at Trump’s words more closely, Mr Joyner. Donald Trump is not as great as you think he is.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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