Minimum Wage: An American White Trash Nightmare

Let’s get real! Republicans will be totally responsible for their new delicious wage of 2-bucks an hour. (To boot, grapes will more than likely cost 19 dollars a pound.)

Trump’s new Attorney General, career racist and Senator of Alabama, Jeff Sessions isn’t just going to deport all the “illegals” — he’s also 100% AGAINST a guest worker program. AND… He thinks it’s time to get rid of the Minimum Wage. So does Trump.

Yep, there are going to be a lot of new exciting jobs for Caucasian folk. Woo hoo! Blessed be.

You see, those Mexican-hating “whities in the rurals” who will never get another factory job. Why? Because manufacturing ain’t NEVER coming back.

Basically, Trump-voters will be bussed into California during our Summer months. Picking fruit for 2 bucks an hour.

That’s gonna be so fun to watch!

Matter of fact, I’m gonna bling-out my ’75 Ford Bronco and offer local “Safari Tours” to all the wealthy Latinos to take a gander.

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