Whiner-In-Chief-Elect Donald Trump Gets Mad At NBC For Filming Him

During his entire campaign, President-elect Donald Trump has tried to portray himself as a strong leader. He talks about getting tough on ISIS. He thinks he can “teach” the generals. National Security experts wrote a letter denouncing him.

He has been told that he has a thin skin, and he’s whined about it before. He said that our leadership has a “weak” temperament:

He is the thin-skinned one. He got mad at a Saturday Night Live sketch making fun of him. People have been making fun of his tiny fingers during the whole campaign.

Now, he is going after NBC News because they posted a picture of him with his multiple chins showing.

NPR reported:

“He turned then to NBC, saying it’s the worst, criticizing its reporters and saying it could not even come up with a flattering picture to broadcast. His complaint: photographs showing him with multiple chins. NBC’s Turness replied that wasn’t true, saying it was currently using a photograph showing Trump in a very flattering way.”

Featured image via Twitter.

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