Washed Up Jan Brewer Says Anti-Trump Protesters Are Working For Mexico

Ah, Jan Brewer, how we despise you. And now you’ve given us yet another reason (that’s number 2,456,875 if your keeping score at home) to shake our heads and mutter curse words in your general direction.

The one-time Governor of Arizona is claiming that the protesters taking to the streets to say Donald Trump isn’t their president have divided loyalties:

“Obviously their allegiance isn’t to the United States, it was to Mexico. They’re not entitled to behave like that, I don’t believe. You know, people protest, it’s fine. A lot of them aren’t legal citizens and some of them are and they didn’t even vote and now they’re outraged. They could at least give him a chance.”

Kinda like you and your dillhole GOP friends gave President Obama so many chances? When you weren’t calling him a Muslim or saying he was a socialist, you were suggesting he wasn’t even really an American.

So, Jan, if the protesters bother you, maybe you should tell your BFF Donnie Von Trumpenstein to admit the Russians stole the election for him. We won’t hold our collective breath waiting for you to speak a word of truth seeing as how you never have.

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