Vice-Extremist-Elect Pence And Bigot-Elect Trump Are Not Friends To Non-Believers

The Republican party has not gotten the memo about the separation of church and state. Just before the election, Vice-President Elect Mike Pence sent this video to churches all over the country:

Many of you may be saying, “What’s the harm in it?” However, we are not a Christian nation. The Republican party would love to push their religious beliefs into the government. It’s even in their official platform. As an atheist, these extremists scare me.

President-elect Trump pandered to the Religious Right during his entire campaign. Many of these religious people claim that they are being persecuted, but they are not.

Trump even called out the non-Christians at a rally one time.

He said:

“Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian conservative. There is a couple of people. … Should we keep them in the room? I think so.”

No, Donald and Mike, that is not a funny joke. It’s discrimination, and it’s wrong. Trump and his party would love to persecute non-believers. Those of us who are not religious are still a part of this country. We will fight for our rights!

Featured image via Twitter.

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