Vain Donnie Gave Christie The Boot For Constantly Photobombing Him

Ever since Chris Christie was replaced by Donald Trump as head of the transition team, there’s been speculation: Why did Trump dump the chump? Was it the damaging testimony against Christie at the recent Travelgate trials? Does it have something to do with Christie prosecuting Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s father when he was U.S. Attorney?

Nah, it was just Donnie’s vanity.

Yahoo News reports that what upset Trump most of all about Christie was the way he repeatedly tried to get his face in every photo taken of the Donald. See, Trump doesn’t share the spotlight with anyone. Anyone!!

This should be a seen as a cautionary tale for Vice-President-elect Mike Pence: Mikey, don’t stand too close to Don the Con. That really upsets him. And you can be replaced just like Chris was. Word to the wise.

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