Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Is A YUGE Threat To The Separation Of Church And State!

Trump’s pick for his Secretary of Education, Michigan Republican Betsy DeVos, chairs the American Federation for Children. She has pushed for vouchers that would allow parents to send their children to religious schools on the taxpayers’ dime.

Trump talked about getting rid of the entire public education system on the campaign trail. DeVos may deliver on that wish.

The Americans United For Separation of Church and State group said this in a 2010 article about her:

Growing up in the strict Calvinist Christian Reformed Church, Betsy DeVos’ antipathy toward public education may run in her blood. She comes from a politically active, socially conservative family. Her parents are Elsa Prince Broekhuizen and the late Edgar Prince, a Michigan couple that has funded the Religious Right for years.

The Princes have provided huge sums to both Focus on the Family and its quasi-affiliate, the Family Research Council (FRC). Even today, the FRC maintains a fulfillment center in Grand Rapids, where the Princes and the DeVoses are based. (Betsy DeVos’ brother, Erik, is notorious in his own right: He founded the controversial international security company Blackwater.)

DeVos doesn’t have any experience in education other than trying to get rid of the Michigan public school system. She is hiding under the guise of bringing more “school choice,” and she would take away much-needed funds from public schools.

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