Trump Says He Saved Thousands Of Jobs At Carrier, And That’s Total Bullsh*t

Donald Trump was blowing his double-chinned trumpet today and claiming that he had convinced Carrier to keep their plant open in Indianapolis, which will mean 1,000 jobs stay put. Great news no matter how you slice it, but for Trump to take the credit is ridiculous.

The real reason Carrier agreed to stay in Indiana? Well, Mike Pence, the Vice President-elect also happens to be governor of the Hoosier State, and there are reports he gave Carrier huge tax breaks and other inducements which sweetened the deal so much, the company would have been insane to leave.

We don’t know the exact details of the deal Pence offered Carrier, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Indiana actually agreed to cover the salaries of all those employees who will be staying in the state. But wait! That’s socialism! Yep, and Republicans are big fans as long as it makes them look good.


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