Toxic Trump Tweets Out Another Tremendous Lie

If there is a bigger braggart than Donald Trump on the face of this planet, please do us all a favor and keep that person off social media so we won’t be subjected to their bullshit.

As is, Donnie Boy just got called out again for lying about a conversation he had with the head of Ford Motor Company, tweeting out this easily discredited crapola:

Turns out Ford was never moving the Kentucky plant to Mexico in the first place, as was made clear by a spokesperson:

“No plans to close plants. This was about moving production of MKC out of Louisville Assembly Plant. That same plant also makes Ford Escape.”

It would be easy to just shrug your shoulders and say, Oh well, Trump always stretches the truth. But the fact is that he lies about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! He does not have a shred of truth in him.

Hey, Fuckface Von Clownstick–aka Donald Trump–stay the hell off Twitter and try to get some damn work done. Don’t you have a government to run?

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