Thanks, Obama! Our Bada** President Is Joining The Resistance Against Trump

During this election, Obama has not been shy about his opinion of our President-elect Donald Trump. He has made many jokes about the Orange Menace over the course of his campaign. This just proves he is the president of sass!

Here is his now-classic roast of Trump at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in April.

Obama is biting his tongue now as they are trying to get through the transition period. However, he will rejoin the anti-Trump fight after Inauguration Day. We can tell he is disappointed with the election results:

We are all with you Mr President. This racist asshat doesn’t deserve the highest office in the nation. He has zero experience, and he doesn’t know what he is doing. His hateful rhetoric and his inability to make any f***ing plans make him unfit.

Obama has been dealing with obstruction from the entire f***ing Republican party during his eight years. It will be great to see him join the “resistance.”

Get ready, Trumpy! Obama will open up a can of political whoop-ass on you. Let’s stick together, fellow Democrats! We will get through this shit!

We will not let Obama’s legacy be wiped away by this sack of shit! Let’s do this, people!

Featured image via Twitter.

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