Surprise, Surprise! Donnie-Boy Has A F**k-Ton Of Conflicts Of Interest

Another day brings another reason President-elect Donald Trump is unfit to lead. He spent his whole campaign talking about “corruption” in Washington. However, he is still doing business with foreign nationals.

Now, Trump is building a new hotel in Washington D.C. near the White House. Yes, he is not legally required to separate himself from his businesses, but it’s really shady. We don’t need a president who is doing business directly with foreign nationals.

Diplomats who come see the president may think it’s rude not to stay at his hotel. That puts them in an odd position. It just makes Trump look shady as the president.

You’d think Mr. “I’m so good at business” would be thinking about this, but he obviously doesn’t give a shit. He’s making his money while claiming to be a champion for middle-class workers. He has had a silver spoon up his ass his whole life. He doesn’t know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck.

He’s a con artist, and America fell for it. He wants to slash taxes for the rich a la Ronald Reagan. We already know trickle-down economics doesn’t help the working class. Hillary Clinton rightly called it “Trumped up trick-down economics.”

Hope y’all are happy with yourselves, Trumpkins!

Featured image via Twitter.

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