Suck It Up Right Wing Buttercups, No B*tching About Losing Obamacare

Yes, I’m talking to you, Trump voters. You wanted that wall. You wanted your guns. You wanted Hillary Clinton locked up. You want to get rid of ObamaCare because you hate on President Obama.

Well, guess what? You could lose your healthcare as well. There are 20 million people who use the exchanges. Did you think about them and their families? You do know if Trump brings back the pre-existing condition restrictions, your coverage could be affected as well.

Shockingly, there are many Republicans in Trump-favoring states that could lose their health insurance.

Did you think about that while you were yelling “Lock her up,” and “build that wall?” Unfortunately, Trump wants to take all of that away from you. He doesn’t care if you go bankrupt from medical bills! His party will be able to stick it to Obama.

They don’t have a coherent plan to replace it. If they just take out certain parts and keep others, then it won’t work the same way. Rising costs would make it too expensive for healthy people, so they won’t have any incentive to get insurance.

This is what happens when you vote Republican, you get screwed one way or another.

Featured image via Twitter.

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